Alter Your Health

#388 - Lifecycle Nutrition Summary and Take Home Points

August 09, 2023 Episode 388
Alter Your Health
#388 - Lifecycle Nutrition Summary and Take Home Points
Show Notes

We are wrapping up the latest Lifecycle Nutrition Series on the podcast.

In the past 7 episodes we've covered...
- Nutrition for Preconception
- Nutrition for Pregnancy
- Nutrition for Postpartum/Breastfeeding
- Infant Nutrition (0-6 months)
- Baby Nutrition (6-12 months)
- Toddler Nutrition (1~3 years)
- Childhood, Adolescent, Teenage Nutrition (4~18 years)

Dr. Susanna also shared her personal pregnancy and postpartum experience and tips to thrive in Episode #384.

This week is a little wrap up and summary of the highlights from this series as well as the most important takeaways. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The different nutritional needs that kids have compared to adults
  • The importance of healthy relationships with food and nourishment during growth and development
  • What Dr. Susanna learned and insights gained through the last ~2months of this series
  • Where supplements fit in (or not) at different lifecycle phases
  • An exciting opportunity to optimize your health and nutritional status, regardless of where you are in your lifecycle!

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