Alter Your Health

#387 - Plant Based Kids, Adolescents, & Teens

August 02, 2023 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 387
Alter Your Health
#387 - Plant Based Kids, Adolescents, & Teens
Show Notes

Kids are humans, too! And they, too, can THRIVE on plants.

That being said, there are for sure some considerations to kid-specific nutrition to ensure healthy growth and development.

Long story short, keeping toxins out while loading up on high quality fuel and nutrients matters a lot when it comes to keeping youngsters growing strong and healthfully.

Of course, there are individual considerations that change and evolve as we grow. These are some of the things covered in this science-packed episode!

Episode Highlights: 

  • What nutrients and foods to focus on when feeding kids aged 4 all the way to 18
  • Does anything need to change for kiddos of different ages?
  • Where do “healthy processed” foods fit in when balancing nutrition for kids
  • The equation to a balanced meal for children of all ages
  • How  parenting styles can support kids in building healthy and nourishing relationships with food

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