Alter Your Health

#386 - Healthy Plant-Based Toddlers

July 12, 2023 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 386
Alter Your Health
#386 - Healthy Plant-Based Toddlers
Show Notes

Next up in the plant-based lifecycle nutrition series is TODDLERS!

We aren't there yet personally in our family with our little one, but it's helpful to know how to keep little ones thriving on plants.

In this episode, Dr. Susanna get's into the plant-based nutritional science to support growing kiddos. This is important info considering the importance of nutrition for childhood development... and "just eating plants" certainly does not equate to health, especially amongst little ones.

Episode Highlights

  • Which plant milk is best for kiddos as a cow milk alternative
  • What plant based toddlers need to eat differently than their plant based parents
  • "Baby led weaning" and when/how to stop breast milk or formula
  • Importance of omega-3 fatty acids for development and where to get them
  • Are there any helpful or necessary supplements for plant-based toddlers?

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