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#385 - Plant-Based Babies! Nutrition for 6-12 months

July 05, 2023 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 385
Alter Your Health
#385 - Plant-Based Babies! Nutrition for 6-12 months
Show Notes

Babies Thrive on Plants, TOO!

... but they still need mother's milk/formula.

It is generally advised that babies to start eating real, solid foods around 6 months. However through ~ 1 year of age, babies still get a dwindling majority of calories and nutrition from breastmilk.

So, what foods should plant-based babies be eating???

Most any real, whole food are wonderful for adults and babies alike. But of course since little ones generally lack teeth and fine motor skills of the tongue and mouth, choking is a real hazard.

We won't talk too much about the logistics of introducing foods as it is a nuanced and individualized topic. In this episode Dr. Susanna share's the general nutritional goals and considerations for raising strong and healthy plant based babies and what foods/nutrients should be prioritized.

Highlights from the episode:

  • The important nutrients for development and how/where to get them
  • Some examples of good and easy whole food staples to feed your baby
  • What foods should NOT be given to babies (sugar, salt, honey, unpasteurized foods, chocolate/caffeine)
  • How plant-based baby nutrition differs from plant based adult nutrition
  • Why little ones may benefit from eating MORE processed plant foods

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