Alter Your Health

#384 - Healthy Nutrition for Mom & Baby (0-6 months)

June 28, 2023 Episode 384
Alter Your Health
#384 - Healthy Nutrition for Mom & Baby (0-6 months)
Show Notes

Nutrition is pretty simple when you're a baby... MILK.

Human breastmilk is the optimal source of nutrition for early infancy (0-6 months). Commercial baby formula (of which there are MANY) are considered the only acceptable alternative to breastmilk.

In this episode you'll learn the amazing properties of breastmilk and how it is indeed the perfect food... for babies!

One amazing fact is that breastmilk is pretty much the same in terms of nutritional status between breastfeeding mothers, regardless of the mothers' personal nutritional status (with the exception of toxins that may be in the mother's body). Your body knows how to manufacture a perfect product for the baby! However, this can also occur at the expense of nutritional depletion from a mother's body. SO, just a reminder to prioritize nutrition for breastfeeding mammas!

Highlights from the episode:

  • The many benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby
  • The importance of sharing immune supporting antibodies with baby via breastmilk
  • The nutrients that babies may need to supplement with (vitamin D!)
  • Why it's important for mom to optimize her nutrient intake while breastfeeding (refer to last week's episode, #383)
  • When you may consider supplementing baby with other nutrients - like iron and vitamin K
  • If milk is a perfect food, when and why should solids be introduced?

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