Alter Your Health

#383 - Dr. Susanna's Pregnancy and Postpartum Tips to Thrive

June 21, 2023 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 383
Alter Your Health
#383 - Dr. Susanna's Pregnancy and Postpartum Tips to Thrive
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Susanna shares her recent trials and tribulations with nutrition and lifestyle through all phases of pregnancy and postpartum.

With our little Grace being now 8 months, Dr. Susanna is 110% back to her normal and healthy self. She's got an extra 10% (at least!) from the innate superwoman powers that come through motherhood!

While different individuals may struggle with following a "whole food plant based" lifestyle throughout this phase of life, Dr. Susanna shares her tips to prioritize nutrition as a way of thriving through the demands of this life stage.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Dr. Susanna’s biggest lessons learned from each trimester as well as after birth
  • How pregnancy nutrition differs from typical WFPB nutrition and how Dr. Susanna related to this through the last year+
  • Favorite pregnancy foods that helped her get all the nutrition she needed while also satisfying crazy cravings/aversions
  • What to look for when choosing prenatal vitamins and supplements - and what not to take
  • A reminder that compassion is key for maintaining a peaceful, happy, and HEALTHY pregnancy - nobody is perfect!

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