Alter Your Health

#381 - Thrive on Plants Through Pregnancy

May 31, 2023 Episode 381
Alter Your Health
#381 - Thrive on Plants Through Pregnancy
Show Notes

Is it healthy to eat plant-based while pregnant?

This is a big question that often comes up from plant-based skeptics. The short answer is YES! But with any pregnancy, no matter the diet of the mother, proper nutritional awareness and planning is necessary I order to support the best health for both mother and baby. 

We’re going to discuss all the important nutrition considerations for a plant-based pregnancy in today’s episode, covering macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, and so much more.

Dr. Susanna will also be sharing her experience with plant-based eating during her first pregnancy including her best tips for optimizing nutrition even when experiencing morning sickness, food aversions, and cravings. 

Highlights from the episode

  • How to safely and confidently thrive on plants through pregnancy - for both Mom and Baby!
  • The macronutrients - fat, protein, and carbohydrates - that you really need.
  • Prenatal vitamin considerations and how to choose a quality product.
  • What specific nutrients do plant-based eaters need to be most conscious of?
  • How and why to stay properly nourished while also navigating the crazy world of food aversions and cravings.

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