Alter Your Health

#380 - Plant-Based Preconception

May 24, 2023 Episode 380
Alter Your Health
#380 - Plant-Based Preconception
Show Notes

Preconception is a lifecycle phase that is often overlooked. However, it is extremely important to prepare a mother’s body for a graceful pregnancy and healthy baby! 

Several factors play into optimizing egg quality, sperm quality, and a healthy environment for a fertilized eggs to thrive in - nutrition is certainly one of the biggest factors. 

In this episode we'll explore all the nutritional considerations to set both the female and male up for success in preparing for a healthy conception event and pregnancy. We’ll also discuss some of the many other lifestyle factors that play into the preconception phase of life for health mom and baby.

Note that PREGNANCY is it's own unique and large topic that we will conquer next week! Additionally, the topic of FERTILITY is a big one as well. While this episode covers general considerations for optimizing fertility, we'll have a future episode dedicated to further fertility considerations.

Highlights from this episode
⁃What the science says about plant based eating and nutrition to support healthy preconception
⁃The most important nutrients to load up on in preparation for pregnancy
⁃What plant-based eaters need to be most mindful of to ensure optimal experience in pregnancy
⁃"Pre-natal supplements" and whether or not it is advisable in taking them
⁃ Some of the manyother lifestyle habits, practices, and considerations that play into fertility

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