Alter Your Health

#379 - Intro to Plant Based Lifecycle Nutrition

May 17, 2023 Episode 379
Alter Your Health
#379 - Intro to Plant Based Lifecycle Nutrition
Show Notes

Becoming a mom has really reminded me (Dr. Susanna) how different phases of life require different nutrition. Some phases of life have much more physical growth where more fuel, more fat, more everything in needed compared to other times in our life when we are maintaining, or perhaps even wanting to shed some excess growth.

We are excited to be entering into a little mini-series within the podcast where we will be covering nutritional needs during these various phases of life. 

In this Plant-Based Lifecycle Nutrition Series we’ll cover the nutritional needs in 6 stages of life:

  1. Preconception
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Postpartum and Lactation
  4. Infancy and Toddlers
  5. Older Children and Teens
  6. Menopause
  7. Graceful Aging
  8. Maybe a bonus episode from Dr. Ben on Graceful aging for Men?

Highlights from the episode and whats to come in the series

  • How plant-based eating supports health in ALL of these stages and phases
  • The special consideration to be mindful of to ensure adequate nutrient intake throughout all of these phases
  • We'll be sharing the latest nutritional science information relating to lifecycle nutrition in this series
  • Additional pearls of wisdom sprinkled in from out own personal and professional experiences
  • How to practically apply balanced nutrition principles in the kitchen

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