Alter Your Health

#378 - How to Design a Balanced and Healing Meal

May 10, 2023 Episode 378
Alter Your Health
#378 - How to Design a Balanced and Healing Meal
Show Notes

There are a million and one ways to eat Whole Food Plant-Based!

... and they don’t all promote health and healing!

Preparing a BALANCED WFPB meal can be super easy! But if you don't know WHAT to focus on or HOW to make it balanced, you might run into some obstacles.

In this episode, Dr. Susanna walks you through the 3 steps of preparing a balanced WFPB meal that supports HEALING.
Step 1: Focus the meal around carbohydrate-rich foods 
Step 2: Add an abundance of non-starchy vegetables 
Step 3: Add an optional fat-rich garnish/condiment

Other highlights of this episode include:

  • Why this 3-step meal strategy WORKS to support healthy and efficient metabolism and healing in the body
  • The common pitfalls individuals that most plant-based eaters fall into - and how to avoid them
  • Several examples of our go-to favorite whole food balanced meals
  • How to make an unbalanced meal mush more balanced in just 1 or 2 easy steps
  • Dr. Susanna’s 7-month postpartum health update - how she got back to her healthy energy and weight while breast feeding and being super mom!

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