Alter Your Health

#375 - TMS, Nerves, and Digestion

April 19, 2023 Episode 375
Alter Your Health
#375 - TMS, Nerves, and Digestion
Show Notes

In the vast and complex human body, the digestive system is responsible for what is maybe the most mysterious and nuanced processes - transforming foods into the nutrients that sustain life.

The enzymes, juices, sphincters, muscles, and microbiota are all uniquely working together to carry out the physiologic roles of digestion.

But, what is in control of all of these nuanced physiologic processes? The autonomic nervous system, of course. The same intelligent processing that fundamentally controls and regulates every other one of our bodily functions.

In this weeks' episode we unpack the interplay between the nervous system and digestion. Naturally this leads to the phenomenon of TMS, tension myositis syndrome - a mind-body phenomenon whereby psychological pain and emotional stress manifests physically.

Episode Highlights

  • How emotional pain and stress masquerades and physical pain and symptoms
  •  Why we should not seek perfection when it comes to optimizing digestion physiologically
  • Where to focus when suffering with chronic digestive issues that are presumed to be TMS
  • The importance of lab work and medical testing to rule out significant conditions
  • How coming back to your true peaceful nature time and time again is the most essential ingredient to true and lasting health

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