Alter Your Health

#373 - What to Do About Heavy Metals in Health Foods

April 05, 2023 Episode 373
Alter Your Health
#373 - What to Do About Heavy Metals in Health Foods
Show Notes

The topic of heavy metal toxicity is a big one... and for good reason!

Heavy metals (like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and others) can be toxic to the body, especially when accumulated over a lifespan... which is "normal" in today's toxic world. Once in the body, these sort of metals can be hard to get out. Therefore, they accumulate to cause or contribute to numerous chronic conditions - metabolic health issues, neurological issues, circulatory issues, and more.

But these toxic elements are just used in industrialize processes and don't make their way into our foods, right???

Wrong. Even some of the healthiest organic products and produce items have been reported to show toxic levels of various heavy metals!

In this episode we avoid fear mongering and get to the heart of how to keep your body free from toxic metal accumulation so you can stay vital and healthy.

Here are some highlights from today's episode:

  • The most common food items that accumulate these heavy metals - fruits, veggies, chocolate, whole grains, and others
  • How toxin accumulation works in the food chain and where we can turn to decrease our toxic load
  • Major factors that make your body absorb and accumulate these toxic compounds including gut health, mineral status, and liver function
  • Where to look in your life to avoid "overfilling your bucket"
  • Practical ways to turn on and ramp up healthy detox pathways in your liver

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