Alter Your Health

#372 - What's The Deal with Gluten?

March 29, 2023 Episode 372
Alter Your Health
#372 - What's The Deal with Gluten?
Show Notes

Less than 1% of population has celiac disease, a condition in which gluten consumption causes direct destruction of the gut lining. The issue of avoiding gluten in this rare disease isn’t really up for debate.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is something different. Some suggest 20% or more may have this sort of "gluten sensitivity," meaning that consumption of gluten causes gastrointestinal issues, potentially leading to systemic inflammatory conditions skin issues, joint pain, and autoimmune conditions.

In this episode we unpack the deep and controversial topic. We discuss the potential issues from consuming gluten containing grains and also how to cultivate digestive resilience to reverse a “gluten sensitivity.” You’ll learn the risks and benefits from consuming a “gluten-free” diet as well as how to do so healthfully, if you so choose!

Some highlights from the episode

  • What is Gluten and why is it such a scary protein and why is it in so many processed foods
  • The hybridization of wheat crops to produce varieties with increased gluten content
  • How to healthfully avoid gluten while continuing to enjoy an abundance of whole grain foods
  • How intestinal dysbiosis sets the stage for gluten sensitivity (and other food sensitivities)
  • The relationship between gluten and the herbicide glyphosate and the importance of choosing organic grains (and legumes) 

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