Alter Your Health

#371 - The Truth About Nightshades

March 22, 2023 Episode 371
Alter Your Health
#371 - The Truth About Nightshades
Show Notes

We already recorded a pretty comprehensive podcast on the topic (Episode #257), but there have been requests to revisit NIGHTSHADES.

So, here's the deal...

There is NO - zero - evidence to even consider that eating nightshade vegetables can potentially cause or contribute to any health issues.

Unless of course you are eating belladonna, dartura, or maybe green/sprouted potatoes. These plants are high in solanine, the glycoalkaloid that can be poisonous and deadly in high enough doses.

So, here are the main take aways from this episode...

  • Vegetables are in the nightshade family - potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, goji berries
  • The utter lack of evidence that these foods cause inflammation or health issues
  • Some of the health promoting nutrients that are actually in these foods
  • The power of placebo/nocebo effects!
  • What to do if you do experience intolerance or symptoms when eating whole plant foods

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