Alter Your Health

#368 - 7 Keys to Boost Your Metabolism

March 01, 2023 Episode 368
Alter Your Health
#368 - 7 Keys to Boost Your Metabolism
Show Notes

Your metabolism is like a fire burning within each of your cells.

For many, this fire is smoldering.

But there's no reason why we can't get it roaring again!

Boosting your metabolism is as simple as putting ENOUGH HIGH QUALITY FUEL on the flames to keep the fire burning brightly and efficiently.

There's a few more keys to do it successfully, which leads us into the content of today's episode.

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Here are the 7 keys to Boosting Your Metabolism

  1. Eat the proper fuel - High-quality carbohydrate-rich whole plants
  2. Eat ENOUGH - The metabolism is like a campfire…. you need to keep stoking it with enough high quality fuel to keep it burning brightly.
  3. Having good micronutrient status -  vitamins and minerals are cofactors in enzymatic processes that drive the metabolism.
  4. Having low toxicity status - Toxins  directly slow down the metabolic rate, a protective mechanism to keep toxins tucked away in cells where they can't cause tissue damage.
  5. Maintaining balance in the nervous system - Sleep issues and chronic stress can lead to persistent elevated cortisol levels, which pose a burden to the metabolism and lead to weight gain.
  6. Optimal Cellelar Hydration - Dehydrated cells function sub-optimally in many ways, including cellular metabolism.
  7. Balanced Regular Movement - Movement helps but is not the end all be all! Regular movement increases and maintains mitochondrial-rich muscle mass on the body, increasing overall metabolic activity in the body.

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