Alter Your Health

#366 - Why You Should Eat MORE Lectins

February 15, 2023 Episode 366
Alter Your Health
#366 - Why You Should Eat MORE Lectins
Show Notes

In another episode of debunking the nonsense... we're talking about LECTINS. Have you heard of them ?

If you are clued into nutritional trends, you probably have. Chances are, they've also been represented in a negative light. Like oxalates that we talked about last week (Episode #365), Lectins are another class of plant phytonutrients that get a very bad reputation as being an "antinutrient" blocking nutrient absorption and contributing to health issues.

One of the most famous lectins is RICIN - ricin is a toxic lectin isolated from the Castor Bean that has been used at points throughout history as a poison. During WWI the US Military investigated the use of Ricin as an agent of biological warfare. Ricin’s ability to broadly block protein synthesis is one of the main mechanisms that make it toxic and deadly.

But what about the lectins found in beans, whole grains, nuts/seeds, and other fruits and veggies?

Some of these “lectin-rich foods” have been demonized by many so called “nutrition experts.” Maybe one of the most prominent lectin fearmongers is Dr. Steven Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox, a book that told you how to be afraid of  eating plants and why to eat animals and oils instead… oh ya… and if you follow along, you've got to be sure to also take his supplements if you wanted to be healthy!

In this episode we cover some of the lectin myths as well as the science that actually demonstrates the health-promoting powers of eating lectins (of course I’m not talking about the toxins like Ricin…).

Some highlights from the episode

  • The foods that are highest in lectins and why they might get a bad reputation for causing health issues.
  • A simple 10-minute strategy for eliminating the majority of lectins from your foods.
  • What lectins do to the gut to create numerous beneficial adaptations to the microbiome
  • The science proving the anti-cancer, weight optimizing, and immune boosting benefits of lectins 
  • What to do if you experience sensitivity to foods like those rich in lectins

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