Alter Your Health

#365 - The Oxalate Dilemma

February 08, 2023 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 365
Alter Your Health
#365 - The Oxalate Dilemma
Show Notes

Oxalates or oxalic acid are a phytonutrient found in pretty much all plants.

They have become a nutritional supervillain of sorts, getting the blame for all sorts of health issues from mineral absorption issues to kidney stones to vague gut health and systemic inflammatory conditions.

Why is it then that plant eaters who tend to consume far more oxalates than non plant eaters don't actually suffer from these alleged oxalate issues?

Well, as is often the case the science is complex. However, the take away message is simple!

In the context of an acidic environment with dysbiosis of the gut microbiome, oxalates may well contribute to some of these alleged issues!

In the context of an alkalinizing plant based lifestyle, oxalates are never to fear.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What are oxalates, anyways?!
  • Which foods are highest in oxalate content (hint: it is NOT Kale!)
  • Why high oxalate foods are actually also high in mineral content (and also high in vitamin K!)
  • The alleged issues with oxalate consumption and why they may or may not manifest
  • Reasons to be mindful of oxalate-rich foods and how to increase consumption healthfully
  • How we can create more oxalobacter bacteria in the gut that actually work with us to break down oxalates 

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