Alter Your Health

#363 - Getting "Sick" is Healthy Detoxification

January 25, 2023 Episode 363
Alter Your Health
#363 - Getting "Sick" is Healthy Detoxification
Show Notes

The first time I drank ayahuasca, about 10 years ago now, I recall people talking about purging, i.e. vomiting, as a way of "getting well." At that point in time, I always equated throwing up with being sick, not "getting well!"

Fast forward through the years of naturopathic medical school where I gained a deeper understanding of the self-healing human body.

Since the body always moves towards health given the environment and resources at hand in a moment, the symptoms we experience, however unpleasant they might be, are indeed a sign of health, not "sickness."

In med school, I also learned all about the "immune system" - many concepts constructed within the "germ theory paradigm" that I have since come to seriously question... (especially considering the infiltration of ALL medical institutions by Big Pharma)

In the "post-Covid world," humans have generally become hyper-vigilant around preventing and treating (suppressing) common and universal symptoms like runny nose, cough, sneeze, etc.

Fortunately, some humans have also started to wake up to their responsibility to create health - and also started to question the "germ theory" narrative that permeates society.

In this episode, Dr. Ben discusses the modern phenomenon of being acutely "ill" with the common cold or flu-like symptoms and how our tendency to express these symptoms are not invariably a sign of ill health.

Detoxification is a normal and natural human process, even in a pure and pristine world. In the state of our polluted reality today, an overwhelming intake of toxicity coupled with nutritional deficiency (as well as physical inactivity, poor sleep, high stress, etc) creates the perfect scenario for an overburdened body to express chronic symptoms.

Highlights from the Episode

  • Questioning "germ theory" and why invisible particles can't make us sick
  • How understanding "terrain theory" helps to explain the reality in which we live where some get "sick" and others do not
  • The overlap between the "immune system" and detoxification processes
  • Why getting sick (even with extreme symptoms) is a healthy sign of vitality
  • The life changing and culture transforming potential of  understanding our innate self-healing potential

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