Alter Your Health

#361 - Is Eating Raw Superior to Eating Cooked Foods?

January 11, 2023 Episode 361
Alter Your Health
#361 - Is Eating Raw Superior to Eating Cooked Foods?
Show Notes

The topic of  RAW vs COOKED food is commonly brought up in the plant-based world. Which is superior? Should I be eating more raw food? What if I don't like to eat raw food, is eating mostly cooked okay? Are there any benefits or risks to eating strictly raw?

It's good to be asking these questions! As you probably know, eating a plant-based diet is not entirely fool proof. In fact we work with people everyday, most of whom are "all in" on the plant-based lifestyle, but aren't yet achieving health goals due to the need for some nutritional fine-tuning (or also the need to address other essential determinants of health - air, water, sleep, movement, mind, etc).

The short answer to the question at hand is that "raw" and "cooked" foods each have their benefits, and most people should be eating plenty of both!

We will get into the finer details in today's episode.

RAW vs COOKED Highlights

  • Eating raw food can be more hydrating and nutrient dense, therefore helpful in reversing chronic conditions and promoting healthy detoxification
  • Eating cooked food gives us access to more calorie dense nutrition like starchy vegetables, legumes, intact whole grains - essential more maintaining energy
  • The main risk of a raw vegan diet is mainly malnutrition due to the difficult of eating ENOUGH  - though also associated with amenorrhea and other potential hormone imbalance
  • How the synergy of whole food plant based nutrition debunks reductionistic science and the need to micromanage nutrition (WHOLE by T. Colin Campbell is my all time favorite nutrition book)
  • Considerations for combining raw and cooked foods for a balanced meal including food combining for digestion 

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