Alter Your Health

#360 - Dr. Susanna's Top 10 WFPB Wins

January 05, 2023 Episode 360
Alter Your Health
#360 - Dr. Susanna's Top 10 WFPB Wins
Show Notes

This episode was inspired by Dr. Ben’s Recent Episode, 11 Reasons Why I’m Plant-Based.

This was my first live podcast appearance since the birth of our daughter Grace. The whole experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and moving through the postpartum phase has made me reflect with so much gratitude on all the health that the Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle has brought me.

I was not always in such great health. In fact, I went through an extremely difficult period of chronic illness in my early 20’s that  never reach its full resolution until I made the decision to transition to a WFPB Lifestyle!

In this episode, I cover the 10 biggest WFPB health wins that I’ve experienced, including the scientific explanation behind each win.

Here are the wins:

Win #1: Healing of Chronic Digestive Issues ⁃Eating WFPB optimizes the microbiome, which in turn reduces inflammation, creates a strong and resilient gut lining and resolves digestive symptoms.

Win #2: Healing of Chronic Joint Pain ⁃Systemic inflammation is resolved through the healing of the gut from the WFPB lifestyle.

Win #3: Healing of Chronic Skin Issues ⁃Skin issues heals through the optimization of gut health along with the correction of nutritional deficiencies with WFPB eating.

Win #4: Healing of Chronic Fatigue ⁃WFPB eating optimizes energy production through the healing of the metabolism.

Win #5: Healing of Food Sensitivities and My Relationship with Food ⁃Healing the gut will WFPB eating also resolves food sensitivities. This created space for me to heal my stressful relationship with food.

Win #6: Pain Free Menses ⁃WFPB eating balances hormones through optimizing liver function.

Win #7: Balance Immune System ⁃WFPB eating helps to achieve a balanced immune system, creating appropriate immune responses to pathogens and allergens.

Win #8 - Healthy long hair ⁃WFPB eating provides the body with all the essential nutrients for optimal hair growth, and further supporters hair growth via optimize the metabolism and circulatory health.

Win #9 - Fertility - Easy Conception and Pregnancy ⁃WFPB eating is naturally detoxifying to the body, supporting the liver to regulate hormones. It’s also nutrient dense, supporting healthy fetal development.

Win #10 - Easy postpartum recovery ⁃The nutrient density of this lifestyle makes for a quick recovery and easy bread milk production in the postpartum phase.


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