Alter Your Health

#358 - 11 Reasons Why I Eat Whole Food Plant Based

December 21, 2022 Episode 358
Alter Your Health
#358 - 11 Reasons Why I Eat Whole Food Plant Based
Show Notes

This is a little follow up on the last episode, #357 - Why I'm No Longer Vegan.

That episode was intended to share my perspective on Veganism and the reasons why I don't identify as part of the "vegan movement." Long story short, while most of the foods I eat and encourage others to as well are indeed vegan (with the exception of honey!), veganism is so much more than just a way of eating, as many have rightfully pointed out to me throughout my life. Generally speaking, I think it's important to stay away from the blind following of ideologies and rather call upon more critical thinking, especially when it comes to our own health and wellbeing.

This leads to today's episode - 11 Reasons Why I Eat Whole Food Plant Based (distinct from "vegan")

Each one of these reasons is an endless rabbit hole in and of itself, which has probably been covered in great detail in prior Podcast episodes. Of course each of these points is very much backed by rigorous science, but delving into that is not the purpose of this episode. I hope this bigger picture overview connects you with the important considerations when navigating your nutrition and life habits.

Now here are the 11 reasons:

  1. Eating low on the food chain to decrease intake of environmental toxins and general toxic load
  2. Increase nutrient density - vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients that maintain physiologic balance
  3. Increased gut health and biodiversity of the microbiome through diverse and high fiber intake - gut resilience, reversing food intolerance, boosting immunity, and more!
  4. Healthy and efficient metabolism - conversion of food into energy to keep you thriving and regenerate cells and tissues (accomplished through enhanced insulin sensitivity)
     - This lets me eat til satiated without ever thinking for a second about portion control or calorie restriction to maintain healthy weight
  5. Healthy blood vessels and circulation - antioxidant rich foods optimize endothelial function - additionally water-rich and lower fat foods keep blood viscosity optimal to help me stay "heart attack proof"
  6. Optimal liver health from avoiding toxins in processed foods and accumulated in the food chain while enhancing nutrient density that promotes liver function and natural detox pathways
  7. Radiant skin and healthy hair - has to do with a lot, but generally boils down to toxicity, nutrient density, and stress
  8. Simple, clean, easy, and cheap to prep food - at least when new habits and patterns are formed
  9. EASY clean-up no soap needed! (Or hardly any) - especially when OIL is avoided 
  10. Delicious - all flavors are appreciated while tastebuds sensitivity enhanced (avoiding SOS) - get to indulge in natural sweets and abolish all “sugar cravings”
  11. WFPB eating is CHEAP... relatively! Packaged foods really increase the grocery bill, and "grass fed organic" animal products surely do!


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