Alter Your Health

#354 - My Grace-Full Birth Journey

November 22, 2022 Episode 354
Alter Your Health
#354 - My Grace-Full Birth Journey
Show Notes

Okay, Okay... I did NOT give birth to a beautiful baby girl. That was ALL Dr. Susanna's doing! However, I was indeed part of the process, and even though a human being didn't emerge from between my legs, it was an incredible transformative experience!

One could say that things "didn't go as planned." We were all set up for a beautiful home birth with our amazing midwife. When Susanna's water broke early, before any signs of labor, we did everything we could to get labor moving! (I share more of the details in the episode...)

Long story short, I was faced with the opportunity to navigate the fear based medical system - something that I haven't done in quite some time, and never as an advocate for another human being.

In this episode I share my insights, learning, and growth from witnessing the incredible miracle of Grace Juniper Alter being born into my hands to the challenges of early fatherhood.

I know the journey is just beginning... and I am super excited (and scared/overwhelmed!) for what's to unfold within and around me.

Some highlights from today's episode...

  • My struggle in navigating the fear-based medical establishment as an advocate for Grace's health
  • Letting go of attachment to process and making room for universal support for the highest good of all concerned
  • The importance of looking at health from a holistic perspective rather than numbers, figures, lab values, and algorithms.
  • How being a parent deepens respect and admiration for humanity
  • Holding space for struggle and surrendering to that which is beyond my control

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Peace and Love.