Alter Your Health

#352 | WW - Divine Creativity & Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energies

November 09, 2022 Episode 352
Alter Your Health
#352 | WW - Divine Creativity & Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energies
Show Notes

The balance of reproductive hormones and health is reflected through the energy of the second chakra - divine creativity.

What do these subtle energies of masculinity and femininity have to do with fertility, hormonal balance, and general reproductive health? Well... lots.

The subtle nuances of hormonal health are not only influenced by nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicities, but also the burden of stress and emotion we hold in the body/mind.

In today's conversation on the podcast, we unpack these energies of creativity and the second chakra exploring "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics and how we can ALL (men & women alike) harness in our full potential of creative expression and flow in life.

This is the FINAL episode of the Alter Your Health from Head to Toe series!

We will pause and regroup for whatever's next on the podcast... :)

Some highlights from today's WW episode on Masculinity, Femininity, & Divine Creativity...

  • Pelvic floor muscles and how stress impacts balance and function
  • HPA axis and endocrine connection recap and how reproductive hormones are sensitive to other endocrine changes
  • Themes of the 2nd chakra including creativity, fertility, pleasure, and sexuality
  • Masculine and Feminine qualities and the importance of fully tapping into both for grounded and balanced creative expression
  • Human Being vs Human Doing and how to be in the flow of divine creativity, an instrument for your soul's expression 

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