Alter Your Health

#351 - Reproductive Hormone Harmony

November 07, 2022 Episode 351
Alter Your Health
#351 - Reproductive Hormone Harmony
Show Notes

We're talking about reproductive hormones and the endocrine system in this finale episode of our "Head to Toe" series on the podcast - a conversation relevant to men and women!

This is another HUGE topic. We've covered a lot of huge topics on the podcast in hopes of distilling lots of complexity into some easy to digest simple concepts.

When it comes to hormones and the endocrine system, the super cool thing is that the interconnected hormonal systems balances itself!

Micromanaging various hormones is difficult... maybe even impossible. But the good news is that we don't need to think about our hormones this way. We can rather relate to our hormones as a flow of innate intelligence and then ask ourselves, how can we remove obstacles to allow for more harmonious flow?

The obstacles that interfere with reproductive hormones to cause PMS/menstrual issues, infertility, and menopausal symptoms include nutritional deficiency, toxicity/liver stagnation, nervous system imbalance (i.e. stress).

Enjoy this conversation as you uncover the specific obstacles that may be unbalancing your hormone levels.

Some highlights from today's episode on Reproductive Hormones...

  • The exogenous hormones in ALL animal products - especially eggs and dairy, even those products that are "hormone free" - and how they  imbalance our human hormone levels
  • Sources of xenohormones in chemicals, plastics, and processed foods that can directly elevate estrogen levels (not to be confused with "phytoestrogens"!)
  • Phytoestrogens are compounds in soy, flax, red clover, and other foods/herbs that can modulate estrogen receptors to help balance estrogen dominance (or estrogen deficiency)
  • The liver-menopause connection and how the menopausal hormone shift can  overwhelm liver detox pathways to cause various symptoms
  • Why it's essential to be grounded with a balanced autonomic nervous system (more parasympathetic activity) to support the balancing and harmony of all endocrine organs

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