Alter Your Health

#350 | WW - Address Stress at its Source for Adrenal Healing

November 02, 2022 Episode 350
Alter Your Health
#350 | WW - Address Stress at its Source for Adrenal Healing
Show Notes

Rather than better managing stress, wouldn't you prefer to better understand the source of stress?

It sure can feel like stress is all-encompassing and omnipresent - something that we could never escape from.

However, when we understand the true source of stress we can instantly see how close we are to peace.

Addressing Stress at its Source is far and away the best thing that you can do to support your adrenal glands in healing and balancing, which in turn supports the body's healing and regeneration at large.

In Medicinal Monday (episode #349) we talked about some of the physiologic sources of stress that can disrupt our circadian rhythm including. We must also consider chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicities, and general connection with nature as sources of stress.

The vast majority of Stress, however, cannot be found in physical world reality. Most of the stress we afflict on ourselves is internally generated through innocent misuse of thinking.

In today's Wisdom Wednesday, we look towards the ultimate source of stress which is not to be found in relationship issues, work disputes, financial strain, politics, or anything else outside of yourself. The ultimate source of stress is your thinking, i.e. the perception you hold of yourself, others, and the world.

Some highlights from today's WW episode on Adrenals and STRESS...

  • How the adrenals are designed to be attuned to stress and why staying sensitive to stress is key
  • Why the body doesn't discriminate between physiologic and psychological stress and where we can find the source of stress
  • The importance of understanding where stress comes from (hint: not outside circumstances!)
  • The universal laws of awareness and perception creating reality and the power we hold in relating to Self and thinking 
  • Why "stressful experiences" don't need to cause chronic physiologic stress and how stressful thinking becomes counterproductive

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