Alter Your Health

#349 - How to Burn Out Your Adrenals

October 31, 2022 Episode 349
Alter Your Health
#349 - How to Burn Out Your Adrenals
Show Notes

When suffering with low energy, sleep issues, or any sort of fatigue, it's common to look at the adrenal glands as being a source of the symptoms.
Yes - the adrenal glands are responsible for maintaining healthy energy levels day in and day out... but they do SO MUCH MORE.

The adrenal glands are integral to general hormonal balance and also establishing your body's circadian rhythm.

So... what causes the adrenal glands to get stressed, fatigued, burnt out, or dysregulated???

In today's world, it's pretty much everything that has become "societally normal" disconnecting us from natural rhythms.

Bright lights, fear mongering media, avoidance of sunlight, deficiency of natural connection, caffeine dependance, processed foods, addiction to drama and stressful thinking, etc. etc. etc... these are the sorts of things that can put a chronic undue burden on the adrenal glands.
In today's Medicinal Monday episode you'll find deeper understanding and clarity around what your adrenals are doing for YOU so that you can start eating, living, and thinking in a way that better nourishes them.

Reminder! Podcast episodes are prerecorded through November at which point the Podcast will be undergoing some changes. We look forward to the next rendition!

Some highlights from today's episode on Supporting the ADRENALS...

  • The HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) and how it can become dysregulated to cause energy issues
  • The functional medicine perspective on supporting adrenals with adaptogenic herbs and why it is NOT always the answer
  • Why regulating circadian rhythm is the most important thing to support adrenal health, hormonal balancing, and energy levels
  • The most reliable ways to burn out adrenals and disrupt circadian rhythm - coffee, bright lights, erratic sleep, alcohol, stressful thoughts, living indoors, etc.
  • Where we can turn to in order to reliably eradicate stress and stay empowered in our lives

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