Alter Your Health

#348 | WW - Pissed Off: Kidneys, UTI's, & Mindset

October 26, 2022 Dr. Benjamin Alter Episode 348
Alter Your Health
#348 | WW - Pissed Off: Kidneys, UTI's, & Mindset
Show Notes

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the powerhouse of vitality. Low "Kidney Xi" means that the body may be generally deficient, worn down, and lacking health.

When we consider the physiologic role of the kidneys in filtering the blood, the body's life energy, the importance of kidney energetics becomes clear.

In the psycho spiritual world, the kidneys represent stress and control - the universal issues for mankind.

The bladder and urinary system, parts more vulnerable to acute ailment, represent blame, manipulation, and being "pissed off!"

In today's Wisdom Wednesday, we explore these deeper topics to gain insight into how we can harmonize and heal the subtle body in support of general health and wellbeing. 

Some highlights from today's WW episode on Kidney Energy...

  • The phenomenon of urinary urgency and the mind's role in needing to pee!
  • The primary cause of UTIs (E coli bacteria) and why we may have UTI symptoms without a proper "infection"
  • How feeling "PISSED OFF" in relationships to others can manifest bladder/urinary issues
  • Some relationship insights and how to create more healthy intimacy, as well as kidney/urinary harmony
  • The power of communicating from a grounded place in relation to self and others while letting emotions flow!

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