Alter Your Health

#347 - Keys to Healthy Kidneys & Bladder

October 24, 2022 Episode 347
Alter Your Health
#347 - Keys to Healthy Kidneys & Bladder
Show Notes

Your kidneys filter about 45 gallons of blood per day. About ~1-2% of that makes it's way into the toilet as urine.

Maintaining the health and function of kidneys filtration and urinary excretion is essential for health!

While it's common for kidney function to decline with age (just like it's common for blood pressure and/or cholesterol to rise) it is by no means HEALTHY.

In today's Medicinal Monday episode we bring you information to support you in creating and maintaining balance and harmony for your kidneys as well as fluidity to the urinary tract.

Reminder! Podcast episodes are prerecorded through November at which point the Podcast will be undergoing some changes. We look forward to the next rendition!

Some highlights from today's episode on Kidney and Urinary Function...

  • How the kidneys are designed to filter our blood and how high protein diets put a strain on the filtration mechanism, as well as other factors that decline kidney function
  • The intricate electrolyte balancing act and the importance of mineral-rich cellular hydration for kidney function
  • How calcium oxalate kidney stones form - and it doesn't have to do with calcium or oxalate consumption!
  • Where the E Coli bacteria come from that throw of urinary microbiome and cause UTI symptoms - this might surprise you!
  • Preventing and treating UTI symptoms naturally to avoid antibiotics

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