Alter Your Health

#346 | WW - Detox Judgment, Heal the Gallbladder

October 19, 2022 Episode 346
Alter Your Health
#346 | WW - Detox Judgment, Heal the Gallbladder
Show Notes

The podcast took a brief hiatus as we welcomed our Baby Girl into the world! What a wild and wonderful week it's been. We are so in love...

The podcast resumes with some pre-recorded episodes as we finish our "Head to Toe" series.

While the gallbladder helps with digestion and detoxification with its storage and release of bile, we can pause and consider what else besides the fatty foods and accumulated toxins can we allow ourselves to let go of...

Gallstones are one of the most common gallbladder afflictions. Sure, we want to avoid those foods and environmental exposures that can lead to the sluggishness and stone formation... but how about the hard thoughts, bitterness, and judgment that we might also be holding onto?

While the liver is all about the emotion of anger, the gall bladder represents that same anger directed towards oneself. So, to create the healthy energetics for gallbladder function, we can give ourself the mega dose of unconditional self-compassion we deserve!

Some highlights from today's WW episode on emotions and your LIVER...

  • The brain - gallbladder connection and how the stress response burdens digestion and detoxification via shutting off gallbladder function
  • What we can do with the inevitable angry and resentful thoughts and how we can release them from consciousness and the body 
  • How a healthy stream of self-expression and compassion translates to fluidity and function of bile release from the gallbladder
  • Where anger fundamentally comes from and ways we can normalize and integrate this heavy emotion

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Peace and Love.

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