Alter Your Health

#343 | MM - A Liver Cleansing Lifestyle

October 03, 2022 Episode 343
Alter Your Health
#343 | MM - A Liver Cleansing Lifestyle
Show Notes

The liver has been named very appropriately - It lives you!

Of course all vital organs are essential to keep you vital, but the liver has many, many central roles.

Some of the 500+ liver functions include...
immune function
blood clotting
storage of amino acids
storage of glycogen
balancing of hormones
bile production (fat digestion)
processing blood cells/clearance of bilirubin
and of course DETOXIFICATION

Some say the liver detoxifies naturally so we don't need any specific "cleansing" strategies. This is true, BUT, only when the liver is provided to proper nutrients and resources!

Put simply, the liver has its hands full. This is especially true in todays day and age when thousands of environmental toxins ubiquitous in food, air, and water accumulate to potential overburden the liver to create "sluggishness," "fatty liver," and potentially more serious liver inflammation and disease.

We have two primary responsibilities to ensure a healthy functioning liver that is capable of keeping up with detoxification duties:
1) Avoid undue burden of environmental toxins in food, air, and water
2) Load up on liver-healing phytonutrients that promote natural detox pathways

In today's episode we cover the scientifically proven ways to strategically keep toxic load low and liver function high.
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Some highlights from today's episode on LIVER DETOXIFICATION...

  • Step #1 of Detoxification is to stop putting toxicity in the body! How to spot the most common toxins  in FOOD, AIR, and WATER 
  • The complex processes of Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways simplified and what to eat to ensure these pathways flow optimally
  • Daily practices (aside from nutrition) to help our bodies naturally excrete toxins - hydration, sleep, movement, sweating, etc
  • The importance of opening emunctaries (bowels, kidneys, airways, skin) to support the body in eliminating waste
  • Different types of "liver cleanses" and their place in a healthy and balanced detoxifying lifestyle

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