Alter Your Health

#342 | WW - Honor Your Powerful Pancreas

September 28, 2022 Episode 342
Alter Your Health
#342 | WW - Honor Your Powerful Pancreas
Show Notes

The Pancreas is your power center. It is mainly responsible for transforming food into energy in your body. In the energy body, its role is transforming soul purpose into physical world reality.

The Pancreas is at the core of the body's 3rd Chakra - the energy center associated with confidence, self-esteem, purpose, and clear movement forward.

Imbalance with these energetic themes can be the root of digestive and metabolic issues concerning the pancreas. Bringing this energy into harmony is therefore key in healing yourself!

We talked all about bringing both DIGESTION and METABOLISM into balance naturally during Medicinal Monday episode #341. Your digestive enzyme production and blood sugar balancing depends upon more than the foods you consume. Of course, nutrition is essential, but there's so much more to know!

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on your Powerful Pancreas...

  • The brain-pancreas connection and how moment-to-moment autonomic nervous system function impacts digestive and metabolic capacity
  • How the solar plexus neurons control endocrine and exocrine pancreatic function
  • Signs and symptoms of 3rd Chakra imbalance - low self esteem, need for control, indecision, helplessness, stubbornness, aggression, criticism
  • The key considering to bringing energy of the 3rd chakra into harmony - honor, respect, power

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