Alter Your Health

#340 | WW - Processing, Integrating, & Letting Sh!t Go

September 21, 2022 Episode 340
Alter Your Health
#340 | WW - Processing, Integrating, & Letting Sh!t Go
Show Notes

You already know that digestive issues are far too common. You also know that your HEALTH and body's balance is dependent on clean, efficient, and harmonious digestive processes.

Many digestive issues can simply be due to eating unhealthy, processed, chemically-ladened junk foods. However, there are many who seem to consume loads of ultra-processed foods just fine without suffering from acute or chronic digestive complaints - though that certainly does not mean they are optimally healthy.

More often than not the root cause of digestive issues are not found in examining WHAT we are eating but rather HOW we are eating. That is to say, our state of mind and emotion plays a powerfully significant role in how the digestive system operates to create either health and harmony or dis-ease and imbalance.

We covered a bit of this "3rd Chakra" energy stuff last week in episode #338 when talking about the energetic connections with stomach health and function. Today we are moving down the digestive tract to discuss the energy that travels through the billions of neurons that send signals to and from the intestines. 

The theme of today: processing, assimilating, absorbing, integrating, and eliminating with grace and ease.

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on intestinal energetics...

  • The brain-intestine connection - exploring how moment-to-moment state of mind impacts intestinal function
  • How we can allow ourselves the power to absorb and integrate the more challenging aspects and relationships in life
  • The root energetic causes of IBS, SIBO, food intolerances, and intestinal dysbiosis -  seriousness, controlling, self-judgment, strong opinions, irritability, resistance
  • The importance of letting go to what no longer serves us in service of clearing the colon and optimizing bowel transit
  • Why dietary changes offer little sustainable relief of chronic digestive issues and how we can instead fully embrace the present to find our digestive health

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