Alter Your Health

#338 | WW - How Are You Digesting Life?

September 14, 2022 Episode 338
Alter Your Health
#338 | WW - How Are You Digesting Life?
Show Notes

Have you ever experienced a pit in your stomach? The feeling of "butterflies?" How about the heaviness of dread carried like a weight inside?

Of course the stomach plays a huge role in digestion of food stuff - or at least the important beginning stages of the long digestive process. We talked all about optimizing the upper digestive processes including balancing hydrochloric acid levels in episode #337 on Medicinal Monday.

The energy center of the stomach, solar plexus or 3rd Chakra, is also associated with digesting and assimilating LIFE. How we take in, feel, and integrate our life experiences to then be assimilated as creative energy to manifest our desires and purpose in life.

Blockage of this digestive energy center can cause or exacerbate physiologic imbalances in the microbiome, digestive enzyme production, and peristaltic action of digestive organs that causes gut issues.

Optimizing the energy of the solar plexus not only supports healthy digestive fire, but also empowers us to tap into innate creativity and wisdom to leverage our alchemical power, transforming inner experiences in service to our soul's evolution.

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on 3rd Chakra and DIGESTION...

  • How psychologic or physiologic stress blocks vagus nerve activity to shut down stomach function and enzymatic activity necessary for digestion
  • The acute and chronic manifestations of stress on digestion and what we can do to ease tension in the gut
  • Empowering opportunities that stomach and digestive issues present to our soul's evolution
  • How we can wake up the solar plexus energy center to support digestive fire and personal creativity
  • Why 99% of stomach and digestive issues will never be fixed with prilosec, probiotics, tums, enzymes, or any other remedy - but rather embodiment of our full multidimensional nature

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