Alter Your Health

#336 | WW - Exhale Grief, Inhale Peace

September 07, 2022 Episode 336
Alter Your Health
#336 | WW - Exhale Grief, Inhale Peace
Show Notes

The lungs represent our ability to take in life, to breathe life force energy, the essential energetic substance required to maintain vitality.

In this human experience of life, we have the opportunity to also take in and feel the full rainbow of emotions. Joy, sorrow, peace, compassion, anger, love, greed, grief, envy, anxiety, and absolutely everything in between...

We are designed to fully feel these emotions - energy in motion through the body and mind.

When faced with difficult feelings, emotional energy can become stuck. Conscious or not, the stagnant energy can cause or exacerbate any number of physiologic conditions.

It just so happens that grief is the emotion most associated with chronic lung conditions. Most adults who suffer with asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or other lung and breathing issues can identify with this grief...

Lung problems involve depression, tiredness, fear of taking in life, or not feeling worthy of living.

Tune in as we explore these deep topics in this week's Wisdom Wednesday.

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on HEART ENERGY...

  • The brain-lung connection and the lung brain connection - how to navigate this two-way street between lungs and the autonomic nervous system
  • The emotional/energetic patterns that may contribute to lung issues, including grief, depression, feeling unworthy, and the the suppression on these feelings. 
  • How we find freedom in fully feeling, embracing, integrating, and transcending stuck emotions
  • Our emotions are like weather patterns - nothing to control or manage but rather understand and accept
  • The psychological immune system empowers us to relate to our emotions in a healthy way, trusting that alllll thoughts and emotions pass

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