Alter Your Health

#333 | MM - How to Become Heart Attack Proof

August 29, 2022 Episode 333
Alter Your Health
#333 | MM - How to Become Heart Attack Proof
Show Notes

Imagine four 747 jumbo jets crashing in one day killing all passengers aboard. And then another four the next day. And then the next, and the next, day after day, year after year... Something would certainly be done to ensure better safety of the airplanes, the pilots, and passengers on board.

This is the death toll of heart disease in the United States alone, killing more than 800,000 annually. More than one in three deaths are attributed to heart disease, the most common killer in the western world.

The most wild part of this sad story is that all of these cases of heart disease are almost completely preventable, and even reversible!

It's not hyperbole to say this is the most important topic that we as a society can better understand to increase our longevity, productivity, and enjoyment of life.

A healthy heart fundamentally relies upon and works with a healthy vascular system which we talked all about in episode #319.

Today, we discuss all the factors at play in preventing and reversing heart attack, strokes, and cardiovascular disease including optimizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, dissolving vascular inflammation, and keeping the autonomic nervous system balanced.

If we could sum this message up in one word it would be: PREVENTION. Prevention is so very important as 50% of all heart attacks occur with no prior signs or symptoms.

We want you to be heart attack proof - here's exactly how.

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Some highlights from today's episode on Heart Health...

  • A heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI) occurs when a coronary artery becomes blocked, usually from a ruptured plaque, resulting in blocked blood flow and subsequent death of the heart muscle
  • Elevated blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and endothelial dysfunction are the main physiologic contributors to heart disease
  • The integral relationship between nutrient dense whole foods, vascular health, and balanced blood pressure
  • What happens to blood cholesterol levels when we stop eating cholesterol and mind saturated fat intake
  • Why it makes sense to eliminate added oils from the diet, especially if the goal is heart disease prevention and reversal
  • The most powerful and important nutritional and lifestyle considerations to become heart attack proof - eliminate dietary cholesterol and mind saturated fat, increase nutrient-dense fiber-rich whole foods, balance potassium/sodium, move daily, breath to balance the nervous system

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