Alter Your Health

#332 | WW - Aligning 5th Chakra to Heal Thyroid

August 24, 2022 Episode 332
Alter Your Health
#332 | WW - Aligning 5th Chakra to Heal Thyroid
Show Notes

The energy centers that have been defined in ancient medical texts actually align with major endocrine glands in the body. While we think of "energy" as it relates to the "energetic body" as being very subtle and therefore difficult to grasp. However, energy flow via the nervous system and circulatory system in these areas is in fact quite significant. Even the slightest impedance of electrical impulse from the nervous system or blood flow from the vascular system can have significant effects on the form and function of these endocrine glands which are so tightly regulated by hormonal messaging systems to and from the brain.

The thyroid gland is subject to imbalance more often than any other of the body's endocrine glands. Both "hypo" and "hyper" activity of the thyroid are mainly due to "auto-immune" causes. In other words, the actual cause of dysfunction is not very well understood, so the conventional medicine world simply labels these issues as "autoimmune" and then tells millions of people they must rely on drugs to manage their condition.

In Medicinal Monday (#331) we discussed some of the many potential causes to thyroid imbalance and how we can nourish ourselves in a way that supports the intricate endocrine system in naturally coming into balance.

In today's Wisdom Wednesday episode we discuss the deeper and arguably more important issues around the energetics of the thyroid gland.

Limitations in self-expression.
Holding oneself back.
Authentic communication.
Pursuing true passion and purpose.

When we open up to the natural flow of wisdom and creativity, we allow for deeper nourishment that no food, herb, or pill could ever offer.

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on Thyroid Energetics...

  • The brain-body connection between chronic stress and thyroid issues
  • The most probable energetic contributors to thyroid issues such as:
    - Lack of drive, feeling sluggish, numb, and disconnect from life’s purpose
    - Holding back and constantly trying to please others by carrying their burdens and worries
    - Stifled self expression
  • The powerful medicine of connecting with innate wisdom, motivation, and following authentic inspiration
  • How we can prioritizing authentic self-care rather than belittling oneself or constant people pleasing

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