Alter Your Health

#330 | WW - Clear Throat & Authentic Self-Expression

August 17, 2022 Episode 330
Alter Your Health
#330 | WW - Clear Throat & Authentic Self-Expression
Show Notes

Do you find yourself clearing your throat often or feeling constricted in your vocal expression?

The throat is our center for self-expression. It has everything to do with open, honest, and compassionate communication.

The energy that passes through the throat flows in line with the 5th chakra. Health issues like acute or chronic coughs, frequent URIs, hoarse voice or laryngitis, sore throat, swollen tonsils/lymph nodes, and also thyroid conditions (which we will discuss more in a future week) can certainly have an energetic cause related to self-expression.

These physical symptoms are spiritual opportunities to more deeply connect with and authentically express your true loving nature, unrestricted.

Honest, compassionate and articulate communication - being and sharing your authentic self - is at the heart of healthy 5th chakra energy and expressing your truth.

We discuss these juicy topics in today's Wisdom Wednesday.

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on 5th Chakra and Expression...

  • How stress impacts physiology related to throat health, breathing, and immunity
  • The silly rules we make for ourselves around self-expression and speaking up
  • How having difficult conversations and being compassionately confrontational can be strengthening and liberating
  • Why our own self-judgment and criticism is the only thing that ever holds us back
  • Walking the fine line between healthy sharing, venting, and expressing vs verbal abuse and rage

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