Alter Your Health

#339 | MM - Heal the Gut & Reverse Gas/Bloating

September 19, 2022 Episode 339
Alter Your Health
#339 | MM - Heal the Gut & Reverse Gas/Bloating
Show Notes

You've heard the notion, "You are what you eat."

The more precise statement would be "You are what you digest, absorb, and assimilate to regenerate your cells and modulate your epi-genome!"

Food isn't medicine. Food is life.

What transforms food into life is the miraculous alchemical process of digestion, absorption, and assimilation taking place in your gut tube.

This is why HEALTH starts in the gut and your gut function is the central essential process for all physiologic functions.

It's hard to pack all the empowering gut healing info in a brief format such as this podcast episode, but we do our best to hit the high points to consider when healing your gut and optimizing digestion.

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Some highlights from today's episode on the INTESTINES...

  • To optimize digestive health it's critical to start from the TOP downward - mindset, mouth/chewing, stomach, intestines, colon, anus!
  • Your gut tube is the body's interface with the outer world responsible for allowing nutrients in and keeping toxins out.
  • The integrity of the single cell layer thick gut lining is maintained by the intestinal microbiome but vulnerable to antibiotics and toxic chemicals.
  • Your small intestines are ~15 feet in length with a surface area of over 1 acre (!) which allows for absorption of nutrients.
  • The large intestine is larger in diameter and home to the majority of the microbiome, but much shorter and smaller in surface area than the small intestine
  • Biodiversity and harmony of the microbiome is key for digestive resilience - this naturally comes from diversity of fiber-rich foods on your plate

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