Alter Your Health

#291 | MM - Lifestyle Liver Support in a Toxic World

April 04, 2022 Episode 291
Alter Your Health
#291 | MM - Lifestyle Liver Support in a Toxic World
Show Notes

Liver disease is much more common than people realize! Approximately 25% of adults and 10% of kids have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common condition affecting liver function.

... but, there is GOOD NEWS! Liver disease is completely reversible! (before scarring, or cirrhosis, takes place)

Liver disease does not just come out of nowhere (except in rare circumstances of acute toxicity, most often from pharmaceuticals). Liver function becomes sluggish over months, years, and decades of “toxic buildup” from a suboptimal diet/lifestyle.

Toxicity and nutritional deficiency set the stage for a sluggish liver which then has innumerable consequences when it comes to each and every system and function in your body.

Last week, in Episode 289, we talked about “Staying Toxin-Free.” This is hugely important for liver health, but there is so much more.

This week, we dive deeper to understand the amazing design and function of the liver and how to optimize its performance to keep us healthy in this crazy and toxic world.

Spoiler alert... one amazingly loving thing your can do for your liver is a Seasonal Cleanse - such as the upcoming Alter Health Cleanse! Learn more at

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Some highlights from today's MM episode...

  • The primary roles of the liver - 500 incredible functions, including detoxification
  • Some common signs of sluggish liver function (pre-NAFLD diagnosis)
  • The 5 big obstacles that contribute to liver disease
  • How your body is like a bucket and what can go wrong that causes it to overflow (express symptoms )
  • 9 powerful lifestyle practices that reverse liver disease (including Alter Health Cleanse, of course!)

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