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#345 | MM - Prevent (& Dissolve!?) Gallstones

October 10, 2022 Episode 345
Alter Your Health
#345 | MM - Prevent (& Dissolve!?) Gallstones
Show Notes

Most people don't consider the health and function of their gall bladder until there's a sharp pain in the upper-right abdomen!

What generally happens is sludge and stones form in the gall bladder that can cause a blockage of the bile duct leading to inflammation and infection - cholecystitis.

At this point, surgical removal of the gall bladder (cholecystectomy) may be medically necessary.

Preventing and reversing gall bladder issues can be a simple and powerful process! Also, since over 700,000 people (!!!) have their gallbladders removed each year in the US alone, learning to eat and live healthfully without a gall bladder is very important.

In today's Medicinal Monday episode we discuss the most important considerations to prevent and reverse gall bladder issues naturally to optimize digestion and detoxification.
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Some highlights from today's episode on LIVER DETOXIFICATION...

  • The main role of the gall bladder, i.e. bile sac, as it relates to digestion and detoxification
  • Main risk factors for sludge accumulation, stone formation, and subsequent gall bladder issues
  • The science, or lack thereof, around the classic "gall bladder flush"
  • Most important whole food plant based considerations to prevent (and dissolve!?) gall stones
  • The liver-gall bladder connection and how we should consider eating if we're living without a gall bladder

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