Alter Your Health

#344 | WW - Your Liver Wants Peace

October 05, 2022 Episode 344
Alter Your Health
#344 | WW - Your Liver Wants Peace
Show Notes

The liver does so much more than just clear the body of harmful toxins...
but it's the toxicity from food, air, and water that interferes with normal healthy liver function to create a "sluggish" or fatty liver.

It's important to know that there are other sources of toxins in the environment beyond our food, air, and water...

The toxins we are discussing today are those that are internally generated from our thoughts and feelings. When it comes to liver function it is the rage, frustration, and guilt that can disrupt energetics of a balanced function.

This emotional energy, whether consciously felt or not, can cause or exacerbate stress in the liver which can contribute to any number of systemic symptoms (like those that we discussed in Medicinal Monday episode #343).

We hope you gain deeper attunement and insight through this episode as you give your liver the peace that it deserves!

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Some highlights from today's WW episode on emotions and your LIVER...

  • The brain-liver connection - how the state of the nervous system impacts the liver’s role in digestion, detoxification, and more
  • The effects of cortisol, adrenaline, and other molecules of stress on an already taxed and burdened liver
  • How a healthy emotional expression, especially rage/anger, can take weight off of a sluggish liver
  • How energetic factors such as anger, blame, victimization, grudges, and guilt interfere with liver function
  • Finding ways to relate with anger and difficult emotions from a place of understanding and compassion

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Peace and Love.

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