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#331 | MM - How to Let Your Thyroid Balance Itself

August 22, 2022 Episode 331
Alter Your Health
#331 | MM - How to Let Your Thyroid Balance Itself
Show Notes

The thyroid gland is like the boss at the power plant. It really doesn't do much itself to produce energy for the body, but without it, things could get messy real quick.

Workers failing to show up and do their jobs, all sorts of junk being left around, the wrong buttons and levers being pushed and pulled... these are the sort of things that could lead to rolling blackouts.

Just as the case in cities, everything in the body depends upon access to ENERGY.

Metabolism is the term given to the energy creating potential within each and every cell of the human body. The thyroid gland helps to set a sustainable metabolic rate, thus giving the body access to the energy required for regeneration, healing, and weight maintenance.

As with most things, the body is pretty darn good at keeping the intricate and complex processes in check to balance thyroid function and metabolic rate. However, when obstacles arise, they can be assessed, measured, and then experienced as imbalances in thyroid function.

Fatigue, sluggishness, stubborn weight gain, thinning hair, etc are classic oh low thyroid function (HYPOthyroidism), though interestingly enough, these signs and symptoms are also often related to unusually high thyroid function (HYPERthyroidism).

In today's episode we cover lots to empower you with the knowledge you need to let your thyroid balance itself naturally.

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Some highlights from today's episode on THYROID...

  • Thyroid basics including thyroid hormones released and their role to maintain balance in the body
  • The most common nutritional deficiencies that can lead to both hypo and hyperthyroidism
  • Why "autoimmune" hypo and hyperthyroidism are the most common causes, and what is really going on in the body
  • The connections between environmental toxins, chronic viral infections, and stress with thyroid function
  • The benefits and limitations of thyroid hormone replacement and what we can consider doing instead

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